Lawn Services Cape Cod

Maintaining picture-perfect lawns is what we do at Mid-Cape Landscaping Pros. We provide a complete range of lawn services in Cape Cod for residents and businesses who want to keep their outdoor areas looking great. Our experienced professionals work hard to protect the health and appearance of your grass and plants. For convenience and quality service, choose us for all of your lawn care needs.

We are a team of reliable professionals who know what it takes to deliver excellent results. You’re going to love the way your lawn looks when you call us for service.

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    Lawn Mowing Barnstable MA

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    Regular mowing is one of the most crucial considerations when it comes to proper lawn care. By mowing weekly, you not only maintain the consistent, even appearance of your grass, but you also stimulate new growth and promote the strength of the plant. Of course, who wants to spend their weekends cutting the grass? Our lawn mowing services allow you to have beautiful, well-kept grass without sacrificing your free time.

    Lawn Installation Cape Cod

    The landscaping services we provide include professional lawn installation. Our company does the job right so your new sod takes root and grows properly. We also plant bushes and trees, lay mulch, tend to flowerbeds, and so much more.

    Our professionals will do whatever your lawn requires to meet your standards. Lawns are a major point of pride among homeowners, and at our company, we make sure you have the outdoor space you can’t wait to show your guests.


    Lawn Seeding Barnstable MA

    lawn seeding barnstable ma

    Who doesn’t love a lawn full of lush, verdant grass? Healthy grass gives a definite boost to your property’s visual appeal. If your yard’s grass has become thin, has bare patches, or you’re ready to switch to a new species of grass, we’ll come to you and provide lawn seeding. By seeding, you can thicken the appearance of your grass, improve its health, and minimize weeds.

    Call us or fill out our contact form for a free estimate on any of our lawn services. We serve customers in Barnstable and the Mid-Cape area.