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Crushed Shell Driveways Cape Cod

Here at Mid Cape Landscaping by Mendoza, one of our specialties is installing beautiful traditional Cape-Cod style crushed shell driveways. When you have a fairly level area for your driveway, we are able to apply a gravel base, and then lay over a multi-inch layer of gorgeous crushed shells which are not only great to look at but offer an environmentally conscious option for many businesses and homeowners across Cape Cod. There are many benefits to using crushed shells for your driveway, including that as they continue to be used, the pieces of shell will break smaller and won’t leave holes like you often may see or experience with other type of loose gravel driveways.

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    Sea Shell Driveways Cape Cod

    Beautiful sea shell driveways make sense for many Cape Cod homeowners because when it rains and water is going into the ground still, the sea shells act as a natural drain system. We install the sea shell driveways that are purchased in bulk and are pre-washed to eliminate any aromas. Hire us today if you are looking to add a beautiful crushed sea shell driveway to accentuate your cape cod home! There are various types of shells, such as Oyster Shell driveways, and Clam shell driveways that typically look bright or off white, bringing a beachy feel to your home.

    An excellent benefit to crushed shell driveways is that they are extremely low maintenance. When there is a good amount of shell placed, typically it will last a long time. Another benefit is that shell can often act as a natural repellent to pesky weeds and plants growing in the driveway. Keep in mind though, that due to the rough surface of a crushed shell driveway, it’s best not to walk with bare feet on it.

    Cost for Crushed Shell Driveway Installation

    If you are in the market for getting a lovely bright crushed shell layer for your driveway, please reach out to our company today. If you are online looking up “crushed shell driveways near me”, we conveniently service all of Cape Cod for landscaping and sea shell driveway services. Take a moment, fill out a request form here on our website, or give us a call to schedule a consultation for your requested services. We would love to provide our expertise and services!

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