Hedge Trimming Barnstable MA

Do you want beautifully trimmed, eloquent looking hedges but don't know where to start? Maybe you're tired of unsightly overgrown branches or just want to improve on the aesthetic of your outdoor oasis. Here at Mid-Cape Landscaping Pro’s our hedge trimming services are second to none. We offer both expert residential and commercial hedge trimming to cover all your needs.  

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    Residential Hedge Trimming Service Barnstable MA

    The services we support include residential hedge trimming. Our team of professionals use their experience to size, shape, and define your hedges helping improve the whole look of your garden and even adding value to the property itself.

    When done right, a perfectly trimmed hedge will have neighbours and passers-by stopping in their tracks to admire.

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    hedge trimming barnstable ma

    Commercial Hedge Trimming Services Cape Cod

    The unattractive look of a hedge that hasn't been kept under control just gives off the impression of unprofessionalism. Commercially this can have drastic effects on business. Long-story-short, it's best to avoid this at all costs with reasons going beyond what you might think…


    It’s no secret that hedges will spiral out of control if not maintained properly. When they begin to block pathways and roads the risk of potential accidents undoubtedly increases and can become very costly for local proprietors when the authorities get involved.

    At Mid-Cape Landscaping Pro’s we work within the rules of the law to make sure your hedge trimming meets all the correct standards required as well as keeping your grounds in tip top shape.

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